24 July 2010

Loss of Magic

I've been thinking about how things deeply affect you at a certain point in your life, and then as age and knowledge progress the effects in relation to the same thing is diminished.  Not just in respect to art but in respect to practically everything and the loss of magic when


knowledge is gained

romance is lost

ability conquers desire.


The distinct thing that attracts the current you and can override age and wisdom is when a certain aura of a thing resonates with you, undeniably a visceral reaction that cannot be overruled by any logic. Art and landscape can have the most profound power in these terms, however it seems to change over time what those specific things are–– because you and your world are constantly changing, which in turn changes relationships between yourself and something that is commonly perceived as static.


What remains a constant is that certain alchemical reaction that creates magic. However the elements-- you and a certain thing (place/object/situation), are the variables in the setting of time. The same object, therefore, ten years from before might not create the same reaction anymore because you are chemically a different being. Your relationship to this certain thing now has a history. You cannot perceive it without a deep remembrance of a previous exchange and therefore the reality of the current relationship is now defined through remembrance instead of presence, unless the “same” thing can generate something new to your new self with the right chemistry to create magic.